Crawford Coaching can offer a wide variety of business coaching solutions:

These solutions can be carried out on a 1-2-1 basis or in a group environment.

Mindfulness at work: Helping the staff stay focused in the present moment so they can influence the business for the better.

Sales Confidence Coaching: Helping businesses deliver their commercials by motivating staff and helping them increase their confidence. Happy thriving staff make the business explode into growth. Getting side by side with sales professionals help them unlock their potential via confidence coaching techniques. 

Mindset Coaching: Helping staff to re-frame their thinking, helping shift the climate and the culture of the organisation. Helping the business get rid of toxic thinking. Developing resilience intelligence to help staff become more resilient when they are faced by challenging circumstances. This will influence how they perform.  

Marketing Solutions: Helping Charities and Social Enterprises to effectively market themselves in an ever changing digital landscape.