As Ken Blanchard said "Feedback is the breakfast of champions"

Here is what our clients think of Crawford Coaching:

"I can only recommend Crawford Coaching. I know Paul for several years. He is a positive, smart, and highly motivated individual. He combines professional business practice with realistic and achievable goal setting to set you up for success. His many years of sales and business development experience give him the necessary foundation to understand and act upon clients requirements. He is a visionary and a leader willing to come alongside to offer best practice insights and shape fresh perspectives. CCC - "Contact Crawford Coaching" to be one step ahead in meeting your future and unlock your potential!" (Andre Sales Consultant)

"Highly recommend Crawford coaching. Professional yet personal". (Caroline Divisional Sales Manager)

"Couldn't recommend this guy highly enough! Help me out a lot while unemployed! Learning me new things! Helped me not only get a new job but do extremely well in that role! Not only that he helped me in general look at things in different perspectives!" (Gary Sales Professional)

"Last week before the one to one session, I was in a terrible place mentally! I took a negative approach towards basically everything, I really lacked confidence and I got to a stage where I was wondering if I could even do this job. The session we had completely changed my way of thinking from the get go. It re-installed my self-belief and my confidence is growing every single day. Some negative thoughts do pop up now and again but that’s just normal in a sales environment but some of the techniques you showed me to drown out the negative have really been effective.

Since our sessions my performance has improved dramatically! I have had 5 appointments so far this week and last month I only finished on 11 so the results speak for themselves!" (Brian Sales Consultant)

"Highly recommend this guy. Went into this very skeptical, PC made me feel at home straight away and identified exactly what I can do to help my journey in life. Looking forward to my next session. Thank You" (Colin Sales Consultant) 

"Highly recommend! Helped turn confidence around in short space of time!" (Darren Sales Consultant)

"Amazing! Highly recommend, very encouraging, I felt so much more confident after just one session" (Charleen Business Owner)

"Top class coaching, really encouraging and motivational highly recommend! (Micheal Sales Consultant)

"Superb 1 to 1 coaching, the only momentum he knows is FORWARD!! Highly recommend" (Israel Mortimer Sales Consultant)

"Paul's life coaching has given me a positive outlook on work and life." (Maria Zammit Sales Consultant)